How does gamified onboarding benefit the organisation and employees?

Who doesn’t enjoy playing games? We all do! Gamification has become a familiar concept for organisations as it serves to enhance engagement, not only among the end users but also among employees. In today’s shifting labour market, with changing demographics, increased global connections and rapid technological progress, organisations are placing greater emphasis on effective employee onboarding processes. Research, such as Palmquist (2023), emphasises the importance of a well-executed employee onboarding process. It helps new employees become acquainted with the organisation, its values and culture, ultimately enabling them to become productive team members. By incorporating gamification elements, the onboarding process can be transformed into an engaging experience that enhances the overall effectiveness of the programme. In this regard, injecting gamification elements such as points, rules, and achievements into the onboarding process can significantly encourage employee participation, boost engagement and foster loyalty.

Gamifying the employees’ onboarding process does have its perks for both the organisation as well as the employees, but in what way does it benefit both? Let’s check out the infographic below!

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